Rasoi means “kitchen.”
Cooks here are all Indians.
Enjoy authentic and savory Indian cuisine.

Indian Restaurant Rasoi
Indian culture carries a lot of wisdom to keep good health, and the Indian cuisine, curry, must be one of its important pillars.
As curry is eaten with its soup and all, it is an excellent dish to take in all the nourishment of vegetables and other ingredients.
Various kinds of spices, rich in natural blessing, are used to cook curry.
Each spice has its specific effects, and people in India choose proper spices while adjusting each quantity to cope with seasons and physical condition of family members.
For keeping good shape and preventing diseases, curry is a very important and indispensable diet for them. We hope you enjoy spicy Indian dishes at Rasoi.

About Rasoi


The first sight you may catch when you open the entrance door of Rasoi is a cook baking naan. Rasoi offers authentic Indian dishes at reasonable prices. We have four Indian staff members working here now, and if you ever have a plan to visit our country, we really hope you ask us anything about India.


Even if it’s your first time to dine at an Indian restaurant, you will never be baffled here. We have lunch combo sets from which you can easily choose and order. Our naan is substantially big, and there is a choice of three hotness levels for each curry. We also have some desserts, which will definitely make your children happy.


Aromatic spices which also work as medicinal food may lead your feelings over to India. For dinner, we prepare special dinner sets. A wide range of a la carte dishes are also available. Why don’t you enjoy imagining an Indian tour while drinking “TAJ MAHAL,” an Indian beer?

The Spice Is Medicine.

Spicy Curry

Chicken Curry

Chicken Curry

We have a variety of chicken curries.

Seafood Curry

Seafood Curry

We also have seafood curries cooked with various fish and shellfish

Vegetable Curry

Vegetable Curry

Savor our chick bean curry and spinach curry.

Indian Cuisine Rasoi

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